About Us

Welcome To Jan Upkar Foundation

Jan upkar foundation is an NGO (Non GovermentalOrganization) registered in the year 2013 with the registration.

Jan upkar foundation is dedicated to empower the people in the villages through social, economical and children's educational development for creating a sustainable village atmosphere. Jan upkar foundation initially started the activities working in a primary school and has continued to grow and educate the local community.

Here’s is the happy and lucky world of those in need! Here’s is the shelter for the old age parents who have been discarded by their kids! Here’s the food for hungry! Yes, Jan Upkar Foundation is the heaven on earth for those in need. Helping each day a number of people brings joy and happiness in your life and this is what we believe.

Taking steps each day to help the society to grow and prosper, we aim to see a happiest society one day!

Jan Upkar Foundation touches each and every chord of the society. Each day begins with a hope, “yes, we can do it” and end with a fact, “yes, we did it”.

We are contributing each day to the betterment of all. What about you?



Address :      J-19/B, Jaitpur, Extension, Badarpur, New Delhi - 110044

Phone    :      8750236933, 9717482204

Email      :      info@janupkarfoundation.com